Drum Vision Festival
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About Drum Vision Festival

Vision Drum Festival is a major project, the more so as it is the first event of its kind in Romania, given that the West festivals and fairs drums are already considered part of customary and cultural life.

The need for this event derives from the fact that drumming is a concern increasingly popular among young people, and more. However, in schools, colleges and academies of music in Romania do not hand drum, as an individual matter, the only equivalent - though quite inaccurate - the study of traditional percussion instruments. Thus, all interested young people to learn drums or  new techniques to improve their already acquired, are forced to resort to methods and information that self interest "hearsay".

Therefore, in Romania there are few bands who can afford complex experiments in the field of rhythm, and drum accompaniment is another tool with a limited role in terms of composition. Also there is a community of drummers in Romania and no tradition in this respect.


This event is a contribution to achieving a networking platform for those interested in the drums. Interaction will be based on exchange of experience between amateur and professionals and will bring together both local musicians, and guests from abroad.


Our goal is to encourage choosing this instrument, but also studying drumming techniques at a professional level and discovering young talents in the field. The main objective of the festival - to achieve an interaction between guests and leading young talents - is supported by major brands in terms of drums (Sabian, Zildjan, Pearl, Remo, DW, Tama, sound, Yamaha). They will be represented by leading drummers that officially promotes the image.


The musicians will perform songs in workshops relevant to the subject event, along with troops from part or side project their own.


Festival includes a section dedicated to discovering new talent, with an opportunity to support live performances before an audience of opinion and music professionals.

To whom is the festival address to?

Amateurs, enthusiasts percussion instrumentists, people who are interested in this area

-Contest participants

-Festival participants

Professional musicians in the field

-Professional musicians interested in sharing experience

-Representatives of the brands from the music field

-Representatives of music schools

-Representatives of recording studios

-Producers and artistic managers